From the recording When the darkness falls

This is one of the "reallies" - inspired by and written on the heels of very real events in my life.Another inspiration for this song was the addition of fretless Fender Jazz Bass to my arsenal - it proved to be a very exciting instrument with clear creative capabilities of its own. 


WHEN THE DARKNESS FALLSLyrics and music by Sandro Eristavi.
When the darkness fallsWhen the winds die downWhen there's no more lights Only distant soundsI close my eyesAnd my heart breaks freeBreaks away from me
Wouldn't be too wiseLetting my heart chooseLetting my heart keepWhat I'm supposed to loseI close my eyesAnd you fade to blackNever coming back
And the sun will riseChasing out my dreamsAnd the day is clearAnd the future beamsMy mind will winAnd my heart will freezeLeft with memories © 2005 Sandro Eristavi