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Testimonials - guitar lessons:


When Sandro teaches kids guitar, he finds an individual approach to each child, keeping young students engaged when learning guitar. Sandro not only teaches guitar technics, but also he helps kids to fall in love with guitar and with music. Sandro also thoroughly designs a plan for each student and makes sure that students make good progress towards success. We are lucky that we found Sandro.

~ S.P.


Sandro is an outstanding guitar teacher. I have been playing guitar for several years, but wanted to up my game to learn new and interesting chords and tunes. Sandro not only teaches how to play more complex chord structures, but puts them in context, teaches some of the basics, and inspires confidence and ability. He has knowledge, technique, experience, patience and exudes love of the instrument and the music. Without reservation, I recommend that whatever your playing level, Sandro will make playing the guitar a great experience and move you towards achieving your goals. He is also a sweet and empathetic individual, aka, a mensch.

~ Eric P.


Sandro is a great teacher! I had been wanting to learn electric guitar, but at 22 years old, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to pick it up as well as someone who started earlier. However, Sandro's lessons have encouraged me tremendously. He is incredibly motivating and makes every lesson feel exciting and rewarding! He is very detailed when it comes to technique yet is always patient and accommodating to my abilities. Overall, I feel just as great about guitar as I did when I first started (or maybe even more!) and I would definitely have to credit Sandro's teaching! 

~ Haley P.


I’m a teenager and never played the guitar before, but after a only few weekly lessons, I already understand the basics and I’m learning to play some of my favorite songs. It’s fun and I’m really impressed by how much Sandro was able to teach me. I would definitely recommend his lessons!

~ emeline m.


 Super grateful we found Mr. Sandro! Not only he accepted my son to prep him for school entrance audition, Mr. Sandro took the time to compose a piece that can showcase my sons strong areas and hides his weakness. Most of all, Mr. Sandro keeps my son engaged and his skills has improved so much! Will recommend to anyone who wants to learn guitar!

~ Sunny H.


Our 8 year old son is taking guitar classes from Sandro for a few months now. Sandro has very good techniques to help kids understand the basics of music. He is very patient and pays attention to individual kids needs and identifies our son’s strengths and weaknesses and works accordingly. We would highly recommend him for kids of any ages interested in learning guitar. 

~ A. G. 


I have been taking guitar lessons from Sandro Eristavi for 3 months now. 
I couldn't be happier about my progress and my teacher. Sandro is a very professional, knowledgeable and thoughtful instructor with a gift for teaching. He's patient and creative in his approach. His teaching method is flexible and intuitive, and gives quick and solid results - within only 3 months (that's about 12 lessons) I progressed from being barely able to play blues to the level where I am now able to carry a simple guitar part (both rhythm and solo) through a song while jamming with other musicians. Being passionate about guitar and musical performance in general, Sandro goes beyond the necessary minimum instruction and is always ready to provide helpful tips on many related subjects - from the choice of gear, strings, what tone to use for different types of songs to the very valuable tips on stage performance and the blues scene etiquette in general. Another great thing about Sandro - he is an accomplished songwriter, and that gives his instruction an additional perspective, very helpful for me personally as an aspiring songwriter. 
Big thanks for connecting me with a great teacher! 
~ N.T. 

In only three weeks (6 lessons) since I started lessons with Sandro Eristavi, I see what I consider tremendous improvements in my guitar skills. My short term goal was to start playing Beatles – and already I can confidently play 3 songs, including my favorite “Mother Nature’s Son”. Sandro is an experienced performer, so not only he is able to help me with guitar, but also with basics of singing while playing (hand-voice coordination, rhythm, breathing, vocal projection etc.) I was intimidated by the need to learn the musical notations, but the way Sandro teaches it actually seems rather effortless. Another great thing about our lessons - Sandro writes and releases original songs (great ones too) and therefore has a vast knowledge of all the aspects of the songwriting process, from the structure of a song, how to make music and lyrics work together to recording methods to copyright and beyond. I’m hoping to start to write my own material and having him share his experience and enthusiasm is very reassuring and helpful. 
I tried a couple of guitar instructors before, but only after hiring Sandro I realized how important is the compatibility with your teacher. Very professional, always on time, always positive and supportive. And his attitude made me fall in love with the guitar all over again! 
Thank you! 
Best, I. M. 

Sandro was an excellent choice as a guitar instructor. He is a expert in his field with decades of experience. The lessons clearly showed it - working with him is fun, he's very professional and at the same time easy going, he establishes an atmosphere that is relaxed and efficient. Sandro's enthusiasm and love of guitar are inspiring. Applying his tips I saw the improvement in my playing right away. 
I look forward to continuing to work with him. 
~ N.O. 

Let me start with : Sandro is the best guitar teacher you could ever find. He is talented, open to new ideas and a blues master and a great composer. It is a pleasure working with him. As a novice student I must say that he is very patient and will gave me several techniques to compensate for my short comings and I was very pleased. 
Thank you Sandro! 
~ Amin F. 

I started taking lessons with Sandro Eristavi 7 months ago. I’m very pleased to say that now I feel really comfortable with guitar as a result of working with him. And it’s not even “working” – the lessons are fun and effortless, I learn a lot about different techniques and styles of playing, and every time during and after the lesson I feel inspired to work on my music. It seems that Sandro’s attitude and approach to lessons boost my creative side as an aspiring songwriter. 
This is more than I expected when hiring him as a guitar teacher. I’m really happy with the results. 
~ Kathleen W. 

In my opinion, Sandro Eristavi is an excellent guitar instructor who truly cares about teaching his students how to play the instrument he loves. He far exceeded my expectations, and I really think Thumbtack should consider adding at least 5 more starts to their rating system so I can properly rate my experience with Sandro as my guitar teacher. 
...the link came up after a simple Google search for guitar teachers in Orange County, and luckily Sandro was one of the recommended instructors. I sent Sandro a note explaining that I wanted to learn one specific song, and that I had less than a week to learn it. Sandro responded by saying that we would need to get started right away in order to make that happen, that he will do what he can to teach it to me, and that a lot will depend on my level of commitment. When I met Sandro for my first lesson, I explained that my fiancé and I had selected that particular song as our first dance song, and while I have never had a guitar or vocal lesson before, I somehow came up with the idea of surprising her by performing it at our wedding instead of having the DJ play it as our first dance song. 

To make a long story short, after just a few brief lessons with Sandro, and with a little secretive guitar practice on my own after work, Sandro not only taught me how to play Ron Pope’s You’re the Reason I Come Home on the guitar, but he also helped me learn how to sing it. Thanks to Sandro, my wife and I will forever share the wonderful memory of how I surprised her at our wedding, when instead of having our first dance, I walked her out to the edge of the dance floor where there was a chair waiting for her, and how I asked her to sit there as I got up on stage to play guitar and sing our first dance song to her. Although my performance was far from perfect, it was everything I could have hoped for within such a short window of time, I have Sandro to thank for that, and I look forward to continuing to learn guitar from him. 
~ Omid Y. 

I adore Sandro. He loves to teach guitar, and he does it very well. How do I know? I'm obsessed with taking classes, have dealt with different teaching styles, and was once training to become an educator myself. His approach is, let's get you results; let's come away satisfied. I wanted to learn "Imagine" by John Lennon, and he tailored his lesson to teach me the modified chords so I can sing and play along halfway through our second lesson. For the first lesson, he spent time teaching me how to hold the guitar properly with my left hand--something my long-ago folk music guitar instructors never did--and he continues to conduct each lesson with warmth, the right amount of discipline, and genuine encouragement. Oh, and he sends the best instructional messages. Bravo, Sandro! 
~ H.K. 

Very much Enjoying working with Sandro. Very patient and understanding of a beginning player. 
~ Ralph R. 

Sandro is a great person to learn from! He keeps you focused,..but also has the flexibility to understand that everyone learns differently. 
~ Paul K.