Two different versions of lyrics of this gorgeous 1930s hit - "J'attendrai".

It’s been awhile ..let me see ..about year and a half since the last recipe. Let’s fix that.

Hi there! Good to see you :)

Below are three ringtones that I created based on "Galaxy" song
from my "Blue Sharp Minor" album (

If you don't mind sharing your impressions, I'd like to know what kind of emotion each one of them evokes.
I have my ideas, but I'm not objective, this being my creation and all :) Please leave a comment (here or on Facebook, link in the upper right of this screen). It will help me to put proper mood tags on these files. THANK YOU!

1. Sandro_Eristavi_Galaxy_R11.mp3
2. Sandro_Eristavi_Galaxy_R21.mp3
3. Sandro_Eristavi_Galaxy_R31.mp3

Should you want to grab them for your phone - be my guest. After you click on the MP3 file the player screen opens. It that plaer screen right click anywhere on the dark field and select "Save as".

Yours truly, Sandro

My upcoming new blues album, titled "Blue Up", has been in the works for over a year now. Initially I was hoping to finish it by last winter, but this one turned out to be slower than the previous CD ("Blue Sharp Minor, released in May 2013, took about 6 months to record and release). 
So here I am, seemingly very near the finish line, when suddenly

Disclaimer - I don't claim to be the owner of this recipe. With its ingredients being fairly common, I'm sure I'm not the first to put these together.

Furthermore - Being a jazz musician I tend to improvise, so this recipe is not set in stone, but more like a general guidance. Consult your taste buds and have fun as you go :)

Artists, writers, composers, performers – all creators (including yours truly) who put their art, personality, vision and ideas out there in recorded form, whether it’s a book, a painting, a CD – are in the unique position. Their vision, their ideas can be examined by anyone at any time without the creator being aware of it. For example - I’ll pop “Wish You Were Here” in the player, and part of David Gilmour’s soul will communicate with part of mine through his recorded guitar any time of the day, without his knowledge.

Or is it really without his knowledge? Likely on some informational/energetic level artists actually interact with us every time we see/hear their art.

Lately, every time I see the statistics of my songs played on the radio, or downloaded on iTunes I wonder what people are taking away from them, what message do I broadcast?
Hence the title of this little post…


There was a period in my life when Uriah Heep was at the top of my favorite bands’ list. So you can imagine how exciting it was for me to bump into Stephen Fontaine (he was Uriah Heep’s frontman on their 1986 American tour) in this cozy record store in Orange, CA - Pepperland Music. Stephen turned out to be a very approachable, funny and down to earth guy. He posed for a picture, we shook hands, I left happy. A year later our paths crossed again, this time at an open mic night in a coffee shop. He heard me sing a couple of songs off my new CD and one of them, he said, “made his evening”. We started talking. 

I have this sticker on my desk - "Inspiration is on call. Call it!".
I do, a lot. It's an 800 number, thankfully.
And then

4 days of intense musical experience! The amount of impressions (and sounds) I took in during the four days of the show at Anaheim Convention Center is beyond human capacity ...or so I thought, but come Monday, after the show was over, I realized that four days was not enough for me.
Where do I start... 


Watch my video report on NAMM 2013 show here:

It's December 21, 2012, 5AM. I'm up all night - I chose to take the 12/21/12 warning semi-seriously. 
Obviously nothing happened at "scheduled" 3:11 AM.
Weather its timing's a little off, or it's postponed considerably, or cancelled - I don't know. But expecting and (presumably) surviving an event like this brings some thoughts. Here's what's going on through my mind.

I'm a big fan of cranberry sauce. I think it's my favorite item from traditional Holiday menu. But preparation of cranberry sauce includes cooking cranberries and apples and killing vitamins and flavors in the process. This recipe however does not require any kind of heating.

One of the greatest jazz pianists and composers that ever existed passed on. It's been an honor sharing the time on this Earth with him. I owe his music a lot of inspiration. 
There are a few music pieces we keep in our memory as reference points to which we compare all the new music we hear.
Here are two of such reference points for me...

Hi everybody, my name is Sandro, and I cook. Not obsessively, but with pleasure :)

And since, among other things, it's clearly the eating day - here's my contribution to our common gastronomical good.

Very simple, slight modification to what I saw on the internet. Read on to see ...and drool :)

I'll remember today, for today I was honored to jam with the legendary Alexander Liapin (

Follow-up to 

July 17, 2012 was the day of the Regional Round of the Guitar Center's Battle of the Blues 2012. 
For the purpose of the contest US is divided into 6 regions - West, North Central, Southwest, Northeast, Southeast #1 and #2. The Western regional round was held in Orange, CA. 
I was curious to see what happens at that round - so I went. And saw. And now you can too :)

One of the best things about that Battle of the Blues contest was new contacts. I was lucky to compete with Elliot Battle and his son Trevor - both amazing guitar players. That resulted in Elliot inviting me to jam with his band - The 5150s. Having heard Elliot and Trevor play in the contest I suspected that, but now I know for a fact - jamming with The 5150s is GOOD!! Very! Here are the videos..

June 26 was the day of the District Finals round of The Battle of the Blues guitar contest.

There were eight of us competing to move on to the next round - Regional Finals that will take place on July 17.

Guitar Center's Battle of the Blues 2012 - store finals.

May most decidedly got painted blue. Besides numerous blues jams with very different and interesting musicians I got into a blues guitarists contest - The Battle Of The Blues - sponsored by Guitar Center stores nationwide.


One of the biggest adrenaline sources known to man - blues-jamming with good musicians!
The feeling is hard to describe, so I'm not even gonna try. I think it's at least partially captured in the video :)

Well, there goes April.

Musically the most exciting thing about this April was definitely Steamers jazz jams.

"My romance" by Rogers and Hart, with Sandro Eristavi doing the mouth trumpet solo improvisation. Easter Sunday jazz jam at the famous Steamers Jazz Club

I am grateful for so many things in my life. Today I want to single out this one - Tai Chi.

March. That was a good March, if you ask me. Let's see:

...I got this gift certificate for a day in The Ceramics Studio for Christmas.

It's March. So I figure I marinated it long enough and it's time to go.

A lot of good music happened in February.

  • I hooked up with Orange County Blues Players - a group of blues aficionados and great folks. I only have to wonder...
  • After one performance at the Gypsy Den open mike ( I got a kind invitation from the host - John Carrillo ( - to sing at the other open mic he hosts, at Alta Coffee ( That rang a bell...
  • Finally brought to stage the blues that I wrote in April 2011, titled "So Slow". For almost a year I've been...
  • The EP is coming along nicely. And, as it happens sometimes...

My fascination with this exquisitely beautiful poem eventually lead to a song I wrote to it.  
For me the process of writing this song was somewhat unique and indicative of the real mechanisms of inspired creation. 
After several months of thinking about the poem and how to possibly do it justice musically, I finally sat down with my guitar and my intention. And that's when an excruciating headache set in, the kind that won't let you even slightly turn your head. 

"..What if I told the wine bar owner that I have a great band and we are going to play at my house. I need someone to provide and pour wine while we play. I can’t pay much, just $75 and you must bring at least 25 people who are willing to pay a $10 cover charge at the door. Now wouldn’t they look at you like you are crazy?.."

Dave Goldberg published this open letter last January. I think it's a "must read" for all the performing musicians playing the venue gigs.

Last night's gig at N.Y Delight in Pomona was fun. Nadia and I played bossa nova and blues, with little infusions of ...

Thank you for your support, Denise and Stevie!

Additional perk was to find out after the gig that my tires were in...

...Yes, January is almost up. So fast...
Brief report -

  • the year of The Dragon is here;
  • I played live at Paradise Perks every Wed, testing different sound setups;
  • and finally started recording my...

2012! Let it be as interesting and exciting as it promises to be :)


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